let's defrag Internet

"The primary design principle underlying the Web's usefulness and growth is universality." Tim Berners-Lee

"I want to own my space and make the federated and open mouthed web work. I believe in the ideal that a non-centralized web is the one that works best. It is the promise of all this stuff. Time for me to do my part." Sam Harrelson

from big data to big knowledge

"Data, after all, is stuff machines can handle, and while the web of documents might have seemed intoxicating to early web 'surfers', the lure of doing the same thing to the data was that we could create a world in which it would be programs -- not just people -- that would enjoy the data." Tim Berners-Lee

"If you have access to data and the means to make sense of it, data is power." Michael Nielsen

remix new content from what you know

"The foundation of open science is a change in the culture of science so that it doesn't just value and reward the writing of papers, but also new ways of sharing. That's the most crucial problem." Michael Nielsen

"The new open science social contract could restore some of the sharing practices that characterised twentieth-century academic research. However it would also be transformed, broadened and improved by web technologies and the widespread diffusion of open and peer production." Alessandro Delfanti

Enter capsulam

In this Prezi presentation we present the challenges of the native dispersion of content we find in the Web and the conceptual basis of capsulam, which allows us to group relevant information and build new pieces of knowledge with it.

Below you can find some highlights from this presentation and come comments regarding key slides.


Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler.

Albert Einstein